Website Design for the Smaller Business in Bedford and the wider Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Areas.

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eStarter Website Design Packages - FAQ


We answer 10 of the most frequently asked questions about our Website Design services for smaller businesses.


Web Design Portfolio Samples - see full listing




A slightly more complex site (but not much!) for a local Bedford Power Protection company.


Comment: By utilising our Web Site Marketing Services this site generates ?#39;000s of enquiries and business (both in the UK and abroad) for it's owner each month.




A multi-page site for a leading Computer Training company in London.


Comment: As part of Web Site Maintenance Programme this site is updated for new courses and training dates on a regular basis.




A simple, but highly effective, website for collecting potential customers' contact details through the fully automated supply of useful information.


Comment: All the ongoing running costs of this site are paid for by the inclusion of paid advertising .


View the  full portfolio listing of example websites designed and maintained by SIUPS of Bedford


At SIUPS we provide effective, stylish and affordable website design for the smaller business in Bedford and the wider Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes area.

As a small business ourselves, we fully appreciate how important it is to deliver a web site service that is both affordable and renders true value to a client’s business.

Whether you are an individual needing a basic website of a few pages, or a small business requiring a somewhat larger site with perhaps an e-commerce shop facility, we pride ourselves in delivering what you want for your business, on time and on budget.

Results Orientated Design

Today there are many professional website design companies around that deliver outstandingly 'cool' web sites that look absolutely brilliant, cost thousands of pounds to design, but never really actually deliver on what the clients wants.

Our approach to web design is different. While we always seek to build web pages and sites that look good and are technically sound, we start on the premise that delivering on the business’s primal needs is of the highest importance. The extent to which we deliver on ‘individuality and coolness in design?is determined by the client and how far they are prepared to stretch their budget to have that “coolness?element when in reality its impact on performance may be questionable.

Put simply..Why buy a sledge hammer to crack a nut, when a nut cracker will do exactly the same job for a fraction of the price! Sounds logical, but you would be amazed how easy it can be for a business to get drawn into the pursuit of ‘coolness?without really considering the cost / benefits.

Customer Centric Design

SIUPS is a different kind of website design business. Unlike large web development companies, the fact that we are a relatively small concern means you can rest assured we will not view your web design project as just another standard nine-to-five job for a website designer.

Our customer centric approach to design ensures we deliver to our clients an exceptional level of flexibility and personal service throughout the design process. By keeping all the necessary web page design skills in house, you can also be assured that our web design prices will be extremely competitive.

Quality Content is King

Good design is vital to attract visitors. Research shows we make up our minds about a website in 30 seconds. Unless those first impressions are favourable, visitors won’t hang around.

The quality of the content has to match the quality of the design if visitors are going to stay. The way we work means that’s exactly what our clients get.

Each client works with us on the content for their site. The client brings their knowledge of their business and industry to the mix. We bring the knowledge of writing for the web. The end result is that the content appeals to the target market and appeals to the search engines.

As organisations move forward the content of their website needs changing and updating to reflect what is happening in the business. An out-of-date website harms your reputation with your customers ?and your reputation with the search engines.

By working with clients on an ongoing basis, we ensure that your content remains relevant and targeted to the required audience.

Web Design Portfolio Examples

On the other side of this web page you will find a few examples of web site designs we have done for local and other UK based companies.

Affordable Pricing

Setting up a website for your business may not cost as much as you  expect. Our low web design prices are competitive and offer great value for money, and if you look at our portfolio you'll see our designs appeal to a wide range of clients.

With prices starting from less than ?00 for a basic  web site, please feel free to ask us for a free web design quote. We will be delighted to find an effective website design solution that is right for you - with no unnecessary hidden fees!

Together let’s turn your website design ideas into reality.
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